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Michael Miller Guitars

Chez Ami Pink Flowers on Brown

Chez Ami Bubblegum Stripe

Chez Ami Floral Medallions on Red

Chez Ami Happy Apples on Lime

Chez Ami Pink and Purple Flowers on Lime

Michael Miller Carnival Bloom



Purple Puppies

Rock Guitars on Pink

Chez Ami Blue Flowers on Lime

Chez Ami Blue Stripe

Chez Ami Pears

Michael Miller Scandi Chirp

Chez Ami Lime/Cocoa Stripe

Lime/Aqua Stripe

Chez Ami Orange/Aqua/Red Stripe

Owl Garden

Skull Toss

Pink/Lime/Grey/Black Stripe

Dotty Elephants

Patsy Panda

Pink/Grey Hearts

Pink Apples/Hearts Thermal

Love Me

Puppies and Firetrucks


Puppies and Bones

Mint Chocolate Zoo

Camo Oogas

Beep Beep

Turquoise Oogas

Koi Oogas

Polka Dot Dogs


Chez Ami Pink/Brown Floral

Michael Miller Toffee Elvira

Michael Miller Citron Floral Medallion

Baby Ballerinas

Chez Ami Aqua w/Lime and White Dots

Chez Ami Pink w/Brown, Pink and White Dots


Fuschia/Lime Hearts

Fairy Catmother

Pink Oogas

Flowers and Fruit

Girly Cows

Michael Miller Turquoise Floral Medallion