As all babies are shaped differently, this is just a general guide as to which size to choose. Should you be concerned about ordering the wrong size, please contact me and we can discuss your needs. I love to talk diapers!!

Size Small Medium Med.Long Large X Large One Size
Waist 9"-18" 13"-21" 13"-21" 14"-24" 15"-25" 10"-24"
Rise 12"-14.5" 13"-16" 14.5"-17.5" 15"-19" 16.5"-20.5" 11.5"-19"
Weight 8-18lbs 14-25lbs 15-32lbs 20-35+lbs 25-40+lbs 10-35lbs
Thigh 5"-11" 6.5"-13" 8"-15" 9"-16.5" 10"-17.5" 5"-16"

* Starting in August 2009, all medium and medium-long diapers will have a slight change in the waist measurements. I was finding that some babies were growing out of these sizes earlier than some other brands, so I've increased the waist by 1". Sizing in the above chart represents the new sizing.

*Starting December 2010, small diapers have an extra set of snaps and slightly longer wings


Size Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Waist 15"-17" 16"-19" 17"-20" 19"-22" 21"-23"
Rise 13.5" 14.5" 15.5" 16.5" 17.5"
Thigh 10"-11" 11"-12" 12"-13" 13"-14" 14"-15"

These trainers do tend to fit small so please measure carefully and choose the largest size that your child's measurements fall into for the best fit.

My tinkle time trainers differ slightly in sizing from the original pattern, I use waterproof PUL which has less stretch than cotton and the rise is somewhat lower since I use fold-over-elastic instead of cotton bands.


Never use fabric softeners, dryer sheets or rash creams. These can create a buildup on the microfleece inners, causing them to repel moisture. Even using dryer sheets in your regular laundry can cause a coating to transfer to your diaper laundry. I don't recommend bleach on your diapers however, it can occasionally be sparingly used on the inserts. If you must use a rash cream, either choose a CD safe cream or use a separate liner to protect your diapers and wash it separately so as not to transfer greasy residues.

 If you find you have issues with ammonia smell, especially in nighttime diapers, I recommend soaking your diapers or inserts in a big bucket of HOT water with a couple of cups of white vinegar, then wash as usual.

Wash routine:

First use:

Wash and dry your diaper on hot before using for the first time. The first run through the dryer seals any holes made in the PUL outer during the sewing process. Hemp and bamboo used in the making of the inserts have been pre-washed 3 times and should be ready to use but both will become most absorbent after about 10 washes.

Regular routine:

After changing diaper, tip or spray any solids into toilet. Separate insert from diaper (for pocket diapers) and store both in a dry pail or bag. When it's time to wash, run a cold rinse first, then wash on hot using half the recommended amount of detergent. Diapers can be dried either on the line or in the dryer. Wait until diapers are cool before stuffing pockets to preserve elastic.

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