Stay-Dry Night-time Fitted Diaper
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Price: $34.95 CAD

After many requests from customers for a night-time solution, this is the final product!

These diapers are constructed from thirsty bamboo/organic cotton blend fleece, with up to 11 layers where it's needed most, a hidden layer of Zorb, all lined in silky, athletic wicking jersey to keep your little one dry and sleeping soundly though the night.

Due to the extra layers of fabric in this diaper, it is best to size up if your child fits near the top end of the size range.

Please note that this is a fitted diaper and is NOT waterproof, a cover is required. I recommend fleece or wool for nighttime use.

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Stay-Dry Night-time Fitted Diaper
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Feedback from our users on this product
    Thank goodness for this diaper, I have tried every fitted I can get my hands on for my son. He is 9 months old and is now a tummy sleeper and a heavy wetter.. we do use interlock wool for nights, but sometimes his diaper is SOO soaked that the wool is super saturated. This has been a godsend.

    Awesome! Got this for my 2 month old who is VERY sensitive to moisture and susceptive to rashes with cloth. First night we woke up and the diaper felt COMPLETELY dry inside, despite nursing and peeing through the night. This is exactly what we were wanting for her. No irritation, works perfectly. And it had only been washed once prior. This diaper is very well built and I know when she is older will be able to hold a mother load of soak. Thanks for a great diaper!

    Amazing absorbancy, fantastic fit and they are so well made they still manage to be cute even though they are plain. The multicoloured snaps are a nice touch too!

    This the absolute, hands down, best night time fitted diaper we have ever used! My son is almost 2 and has recently become a heavy wetter. This diaper was barely damp on outside after 10 hours! You won't be disappointed with this diaper, it really does what it says it will!

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